Shipping & Handling

THE TULLE FACTORY (»TTF«) are based in Germany and shipping costs will vary depending on what you are ordering, how many items you are ordering, and where your order is being shipped to. You can determine the cost of shipping your order by logging in and proceeding to checkout. You will need to fill out your shipping address in order to view the shipping amount in the currency you selected. Rest assured that you will be able to view the shipping information for your order well before conducting your final checkout.

In the meantime you may get an overview of our shipping expenses by exploring the below table.

Metreware (yard goods) are shipped immediately (same or next day). Custom-made goods leave our workshop within 2-4 days. Only larger and custom orders may take longer. In this case, you will receive an e-mail within 2-3 working days letting you know when your order is expected to be shipped.

To maintain our low shipping prices we do not offer overnight, 2nd-day or other express shipping methods.

Shipping to Weight up to 5kg Weight from 5kg Additional shipping expenses for canopies & mosquito nets with a hoop
National (inside Germany) 4,80 EUR 4,80 EUR 10,00 EUR
Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, Austria, Poland, Denmark 12,45 EUR 15,80 EUR 20,00 EUR
Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain 12,80 EUR 16,60 EUR 20,00 EUR
Finland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Greece, Portugal 13,15 EUR 17,45 EUR 30,00 EUR
Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco 14,50 EUR 21,50 EUR 30,00 EUR
Norway 14,85 EUR 22,45 EUR 40,00 EUR
Turkey, Egypt, Israel 30,65 EUR 42,55 EUR 40,00 EUR
USA, Canada, Mexico, Bahrain, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Philippines, Saudi-Arabia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, China, Hongkong, Indien, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand 37,80 EUR 61,60 EUR 60,00 EUR
Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Venezuela 45,65 EUR 79,00 EUR 60,00 EUR

**) Additional shipping expenses for canopies & mosquito nets (right-most column)

While canopies and mosquito nets are very light, packing them requires a strong and large box. Shipping these large boxes is very expensive no matter which logistics partner you select. These expenses we need to transfer to you.

Shipping expenses apply per customer and shipping address.